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Directories of municipalities of Spain

municipalities of Spain

In Spain, all municipalities are obliged to provide public lighting, cemetery, waste collection, street cleaning, home drinking water supply, sewerage, access to population centers, paving of public roads and food and beverage control services. beverages.

Depending on the capacity of the municipalities, those with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants must add the care of the public park, the public library, the market and waste treatment.

Those with more than 20,000 inhabitants also have to add civil protection, provision of social services, fire prevention and extinction, and sports facilities for public use.

And, finally, those with more than 50,000 inhabitants have to add urban collective passenger transport and environmental protection.

The proper functioning of these services has a direct impact on the quality of life of citizens, so managing them efficiently and with quality must be the imperative of any council, regardless of who manages them.


The municipality, in any case, will exercise its own powers in the following matters:

  • Cemeteries and funeral services
  • Civil protection
  • Cultural and sports activities or facilities leisure time occupation and tourism Y
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fire prevention and extinction
  • Historical-artistic heritage
  • Housing promotion and management
  • Parks and gardens
  • Participate in teaching programming and cooperate with the Educational Administration in the
  • Creation construction and maintenance of public educational centers intervene in their
  • management Bodies and participate in monitoring compliance with compulsory schooling.
  • Participation in the management of primary health care
  • Paving of urban public roads and maintenance of roads and rural roads
  • Planning management execution and urban discipline
  • Protection of public health
  • Provision of social services and promotion and social reintegration
  • Public passenger transport
  • Regulation of vehicle and people traffic on urban roads
  • Security in public places
  • Street cleaning waste collection and treatment sewage and wastewater treatment services
  • Supplies slaughterhouses fairs markets and defense of consumers and users
  • water supply and public lighting